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A community for shippers of the Vampire Diaries pairing Stefan/Katherine

Welcome to the only livejournal community for Stefan/Katherine from the CW show 'the Vampire Diaries'. Please read the rules before posting anything (especially fanfiction) and if you have any questions, want to affiliate, have suggestions for the comm, just go here

1. Make sure it’s related to either the characters Stefan Salvatore and Katherine Pierce, or their respective actors, Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev.
2. No bashing this pairing or trolling. If you don’t like them, don’t hang around the comm.
3. Tag everything, please. List of tags is here
4. Fanfiction is encouraged! Please use clear ratings – not everyone likes smut – and you will be given an author tag once you have posted the first time, which you must also tag with on each subsequent post. Go here for a handy guide on posting fanfic.
5. Make sure your headers are clear, but not spoilery.
- ‘Katherine killed in next episode!’ is a spoilery header
- ‘Shocking info about Katherine in next episode’ is not
6. Don’t spoil your fellow members. Please put spoilers behind a cut with clear warnings. Spoilers are:
- Info on upcoming VD episodes
- Info on episodes that have aired in less than 24 hours
7. If you’re posting icons make sure to have at least three related to Stefan/Katherine or Paul and Nina (Stefan/Elena icons don’t count, even if they do look the same) and always preview. If you’re linking to a normally locked journal please make sure to have it open for at least five days.
8. When you're posting fanfic, graphics, vids etc, please make sure to combine them in one post if you're posting all at once.
9. Enjoy! Any problems, just PM the mods.

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To become an affiliate, comment here

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Social capital

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